I wish Tec-9s weren’t such shit. Id love to make up something like this.
Maybe id there was a way to re-enforce the lower. Also worthy to note that the stock on this one would not fold correctly.

It looks bent somehow…

I guess its the angle of the picture. It really bothers me how the stock wont really work…. needs something else.



Was organizing the safe and decided to take a pic. My custom Bulgarian RPK-74M, my SAR-8 (Greek HK91 clone) with an Israeli Trilux SUIT and my Vector Arms V93 with a Russian Kobra red dot. None of them are completely “done”; I still need optics for my RPK, install the paddle mag release on my SAR-8, and get a bipod for my V93. I didn’t take a picture of the Shrike since its in its own case. (GRH)

I really like the Kobra on the V93.

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Moscow Drift

St. Petersburg Drift

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Range safety officer/college student and USMC scout sniper vet demonstrating the HSGI V2 Rifle leg rig for me


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Still one of my favorite pics on this site.

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Kel Tec PMR 30

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10/63 on the left belongs to underfolder-construction

Found some of my OC on /k/
Thought I’d share it with you all.

Love this

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Q: What is your favorite AK muzzle device?

I like Zig-Zag 74 brakes and AKMN / Tabuk Flash Hiders.


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Q: I like metal framed guns because plastic is only good for dildos. Glocks are basically black dildos. Caution all followers, this doesn't mean to put glocks up your butt.

My followers do have a history of putting things up their butts.

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More of my GP WASR 10/63. The drum Is a Korean 75 rounder.