Q: What is your favorite AK muzzle device?

I like Zig-Zag 74 brakes and AKMN / Tabuk Flash Hiders.


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Q: I like metal framed guns because plastic is only good for dildos. Glocks are basically black dildos. Caution all followers, this doesn't mean to put glocks up your butt.

My followers do have a history of putting things up their butts.

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More of my GP WASR 10/63. The drum Is a Korean 75 rounder.


Type III AK-47 porn - Lord of War


Nothing like a crate of McNuggets


Serbu Super Shorty

Q: I was born in 1945, but i look pretty young for my age thanks to my Slavic complexion. My favorite outfit is finished beech but sometimes i wear polymer for people that are into that kind of thing. I've got both sleek lines and sharp edges, and I'm very effective in the right hands ;). I'm more into top loading but if you insist on bottom loading i'll be willing to work with you on that. Unlike others, my bayonet is always at the ready, folding neatly into my fore-end. Would you date me?


Oh M44, you know I’d fuck you. How could I forget our first fireball?

I was going for SKS but that works too.
I needed to add more distinction.

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With the term originating in the 1990’s during the United States occupation of Somalia for local fighters paid with “Technical assistance grants” to protect personnel, “Technicals” has expanded to just about any truck full of armed personnel.

Technicals, a ubiquitous sight in middle eastern countries, are typically described as armed pick up trucks, sporting anything from recoiless rifles to machine guns. Many hi-speed-lo-drag operator types argue that these vehicles are the best way to operate in urban environments, as many vehicles can be armored subtly to keep a “gray man” dynamic, and can operate both on and offroad.


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I wanna have a beer with Dugan, preferably after an insane range trip.

I want to burn through enough ammo to warrant a second mortgage with this man. And it would be worth it.

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This is pretty awesome, although i would have expected it to have rifled barrels, not that it really matters.

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I like the fluted barrel.

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Sawed off M2

I know this gun. Its been at knob creek for years.

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Wi-Fi got put in finally.

I’m back, bitches!

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