Saiga-12 Drum Dump



The “Salvo 12”, a shotgun surpressor by SilencerCo

He fires off 8 or 9 rounds and you don’t hear a single shot. Amazing!

Here’s another video where he explains it a little and uses a different shotgun.


I want to see this on a Vepr-12 or Saiga-12 SBS

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The Russian light machine gun chambered in 7.62x39mm, it would later be replaced by the RPK. Several U.S companies have offered semi-auto RPD’s on the market; either with new manufactured receivers or rewelds. Unlike the M249, the RPD uses non-disintegrating links. (GRH)

Q: Let's say you just bought a nice ranch house in some mountainous area on 400 acres bordering state land and every weekend you go for hiking/camping trips just to unwind. What are the top 7 firearms you would take with you on one of these walks?

Glock 20C
Remington 870
Light AR-15 with a ~4x optic in .300BLK with a can
Ruger 10/22 Takedown
Ruger New Vaquero birdshead .45LC
M1 Garand

Throw in some good gunleather and a good horse and this is pretty much exactly how id love to live in the latter half of my life….

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Q: Which is your favorite weapons system? M16 and it's variants or the Kalash family?

I like both!

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Q: Thoughts on a Kriss Vector in .50 BMG?

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Q: what's a good price for an fs2000?

Idk less than $2000?

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Q: Do you prefer wood furntiture, a cushioned grip, or rails?

I usually prefer wood, but each gun is different. That’s why the title of my page is what it is: Wood, plastic, and steel.

Soft rubber grips like Houge are awesome too.
I run a simple Houge gripsleeve on my Gen 2 G19 and it really improves the handling of the gun, but on a rough use gun that can get gnarled up and ugly

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Q: What are the differences between .300 blackout and .300 whisper?

They are virtually the same in size.
This article has some good info on the subject.

However due to pressure issues they are not interchangeable.
Whisper apparently works in blackout, but not the other way around.

It’s never a good idea to shoot ammo in a gun that it wasn’t designed for though.

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Q: Thoughts about the Mk18?


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there has never been a cool person called eugene



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Q: ay breh where da poosey at

Not here. And that’s a problem i’m looking forward to fixing soon.

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